Curious Mike Goes to the Museum!

Today after finishing an exciting class at CSU-Pueblo, I walked down the hallway to the elevator, chewed a piece of gum, and exited the building in to the parking lot and got into my car. I then drove the approximate 6 miles to Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum after making a slight detour to the Loaf ‘N Jug on Troy Ave where I collected my Class six essentials. This took 4 minutes and 32 seconds. When arriving at the air field, I consumed my 20 Calorie energy drink while talking with my class mates, whom I must add are all bellwethers, scholars and gentlemen they are. The conversation in a nut shell was about what we could add in our scalar presentation. we decided we should take some more pictures to add to the conviviality of our project. we then as a group half-stepped into the main entrance which is located on the south side of the building. We were greeted by a very cuddlesome lady who let us continue on into the museum. We walked towards the 3-D model of Pueblo Army Air Base. There was a heavy plastic lid on it which had a small fracture on one corner. Working as a team we all took a corner and gave out a 3 count to look super cool when we lifted it off. I was holding the south-western piece of the lid and supported it evenly as not to stress the crack already in place. at thi time the model was exposed and picture worthy.  My good buddy Shannon started taking pictures when we decided we needed an angle from above. So retrieving an standard M1A1 Office Chair shannon was able to get an elevated view. I held the chair for stability.

Research Material

Yesterday (2/26/18) I interviewed a lady who lived next door to me, who’s grandfather was stationed at Pueblo Army Air Field, she gave me about 40 newspapers (Star Journal) from the time period that the air field was operational. This material should be relevant to our research in this area.